Fantasy Warriors - Dawn of New Heroes

The classic Grenadier sword & sorcery wargame is here again! -> fantasy warriors dawn of new heroes

Mirliton was founded in 1983 turning an hobby of the owner and sculptor Stefano Grazzini in a real job.
The activity began with a series of Napoleonic ranges and then expanded to the ancient eras. Then came the time of the Middle Ages, the true passion of Stefano. Following behind requests of the same clients and following a program, the series has expanded to the Renaissance, the Italian wars of independence, and the Second World War.

Mirliton is known worldwide among the players of wargames, collectors and enthusiasts of military history.
He now has a very large catalog of miniatures, accessories, books on military history and everything that can serve the passionate collector as the veteran player alike.

In 2003 there was a turning point, Mirliton had the opportunity to buy the production of the Grenadier Models and all the master molds with the related rights of thousands of fantasy miniatures including those related to the game Fantasy Warriors. This allowed the business to embark in the fantasy market an with great success too.


The object of the game is simple - to defeat your enemy any tactics or strategem you you can find.

Game of large-scale fantasy warfare . Emphasis is on units and command control, but extraordinary individuals and horrendous monsters can make a difference.
Combat is fast and deadly. Includes rules for time of day, boasts, omens, scouting, ammunition supply, and magic.


FW Useful Download
FantasyWarrior DB
Our thanks to "Samuel Cantin" who creates this software.
FantasyWarriorDB [2.3Mb zip]

From the author: "Fantasy Warrior application" let you to create armies in a hierarchical view as the Fantasy Warrior army hierarchy.
This application calculates all budgets for you and records a... » continue