Play great adventures with your friends The world famous fantasy rules are back!

With its simple but challanging rule systems, will let you fight exciting fantasy battles, full of insane heroism, low cunning and sudden death.

The objet of the game is simple - to defeat your enemy any tactics or strategem you you can find.

Game of large-scale fantasy warfare . Emphasis is on units and command control, but extraordinary individuals and horrendous monsters can make a difference. Combat is fast and deadly. Includes rules for time of day, boasts, omens, scouting, ammunition supply, and magic.


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06 Jun 2006: FantasyWarriorDB

Our thanks to Samuel Cantin who creates this software.
FantasyWarriorDB [2.3Mb zip]

From the author: "Fantasy Warrior application" let you to create armies in a hierarchical view as the Fantasy Warrior army hierarchy.

This application calculates all budgets for you and records a... » continue

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